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Trend Alert 2012: Art Deco-rate

20 March 2012
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Good morning chicklets! Happy first day of Spring and Aries--my astrological sign. It has taken me a minute to write this post because I was suffering from a bit of blogger's block.

I love this era so much that I wanted to do it justice. I wanted to present it in such an artistic flare that you, too, would love it as much as I do.

This classic trend inspired by the 1920s women's rebellion movement and Jazz Age  and the likes of such designers as Vionnet and Coco Chanel, is fashion at its most artistic. You can do no wrong here. The gaudier the better. The more individualistic, the more true to form you are.

The Art Deco/Flapper Fashion era was marked by bold prints, moody jewel tones, black, silver, dropped waists, draped neck blouses, pleats, lace, velvet and shapeless silhouettes. This time around we have modernized it by incorporating bright beautiful colors along with the above. It is just magnificent.

Here are a few ways to incorporate the 1920s/30s into your fashionable wardrobes.

Mix menswear pieces like palazzo pants and brogue shoes with distinctly feminine statement pieces like cocktail rings, colorful accessories, feathered boas and shoulder baring tops. Don't be afraid to be artistic in your choices. Go big!

Art Deco

Pleat with flare by adding a long cardigan and colorful t-strap heels. T-Strap always make an ensemble uniquely 20s.


For more inspiration on this style, check out the Oprah Mag Online editorial


Makeup in this period was all about smoldering dark eyes and bold lips and that trend is no different today. Here are some inspirations and a tutorial by Pixiwoo.

Art Deco in Interior design:

With its velvety, lush, bright and moody colors and silvered and mirrored surfaces, art deco interior design is the epitome of individualistic luxury and elegance verging on gaudy. In fact, most of the buildings in Chicago are done in this style and the Empire State building in NYC is also inspired by Art Deco. And the home of Boisset-Gallo family.

Pictures take from The Style Saloniste and Blogger. Fashion pictures taken from

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