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Trend Alert 2012: That's So Preppy

19 March 2012
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Hello Chicklets,

I am still recovering from my allergies to tree sperm and can barely go to celebrate such a happy season. Thanks pollen! However I am still in a happy spring mood and I plan to celebrate it with style. Preppy style that is.

Since the 1950s, the preppy style, synonymous with the Ivy leaguers came onto the radar in fashion and hasn't left. It is a classic trend that is popular all year round every year and represent a crop of well dressed and fashionable men and women. Polo shirts, a-line pleated skirts, button-down shirts, argyle, pearls and yacht shoes are in the forefront this season.

Ralph Lauren's Rugby Collection and classic designer, Tommy Hilfiger, have made millions off of the preppy style. Now Dolce and Gabbana, Versace and others are jumping on the trend.

Preppy style is so in, that we even had a dance called the Prep, in the 80s. And with the new guard of hip-hop stars like Kanye West and Pharrell making the style more popular in recent years, it is no wonder that preppy style is back, better than ever.

Here is how you can steal the style:

Harvard Girl: 

The Yacht Club Prep

The Ivy Leagues


That's So Preppy- Male

Ivy Leaguer Male

3 comments on "Trend Alert 2012: That's So Preppy"
  1. Sorry your allergy is plaiyng up sweetie.
    Preppy is timeless - never goes out of fashion.

  2. Hey lovely, thanks for stopping by. I've also had really bad allergies too, which turned into a full blown cold and sinus infection, so just catching up with bogs now!

    Do love a chic preppy look-the cateye glasses are fierce!


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