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Beauty of the Week- Solange Knowles

07 March 2012
I woke up a bit under the weather today, gotta love the pollen. But I had to celebrate this beauty of the week since she has been on my list for quite some time.

We know her big sister but she isn't the only talent in the family. Beyonce's little sister Solange has been making headways since her debut album four years ago and has been on the scene as a style icon and DJ.

Rather she is rocking her natural frock or her stylish head wraps, Solange will not go down in history as a Tito to a Michael but as a woman in her own right, doing it her own way. The girl is FIERCE, with ALL caps and I love her for it.

She did not allow being a teenage mom or a fail marriage stop her flow and her debut album was rocking and it showed her rebellious, I stand alone streak and that to me is a true beauty of the week.

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  1. I have a long comment I want to post. Won't let me paste it. I will post it later. Love that two of my fave style bloggers posted about Solange!!


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