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What Inspires you? S/S 2012

01 March 2012

Being a makeup artist and a self-professed jet-setter, many things inspire me. I am not one to always follow fashion's trends and more times than not I surely do not follow celebrity fashion.
Do I look at it? Yes, of course I do. I have to bring it to you guys but do I follow it? No. I have my own style, my own personality that I wish to portray and in actuality I have several personalities that I wish to portray, sometimes all at the same time.

I am definitely a vintage girl at heart. I truly connect to the flapper 20s and 30s, the Dior "New Look" 40s and the flirty sensual 50s. I truly connect to the style and women of those times and that is the style I am creating for myself at this point.

I say all of this because I put together some looks with these trends in mind that are inspired by nature. The beautiful palettes that nature uses to paint the sky at sunset and sunrise, or the multi-colored hues of blue of the ocean. Or the autumn leaves in their last burst of life before fading away. 

These things inspire me to no end and one day I plan to use that inspiration to my benefit. But until then, think of what inspires you. What's your style? What's your personality? Your wardrobe should be creative and colorful in personality like I know most of you are and even if your personality is a bit severe your wardrobe should reflect that as well. Make sure these extras are things that complement the 15 must haves in your closets

Enjoy, these that I have put together inspired by my multi-faceted self and my true love, Mother Nature.

Summer Loving

Scoop neck tee, $75
Full Circle full skirt, £38
J Crew vintage leather handbag, $288
Kenneth jay lane jewelry, €31
K Amato wood jewelry, $33
Emilio Pucci multi stone ring, $595
J Crew bamboo bangle, $19
Zoeva Jardin Cream Eye Liner
orange, it's obvious, $8

2 comments on "What Inspires you? S/S 2012"
  1. i agree that nature is so inspiring! i love your outfits! especially the spring fling cause of the purple colors! i love the dior nail polish ! what an amazing color! x

  2. thanks for putting this together...i'm inspired by everything around me! it's so nice to see it all put together


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