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Nautical and Nice

09 March 2012

I absolutely LOVE, I mean, LOOOVE the Nautical trend. It is a classic trend that originated from the patriotic shores of Southern France. A spin-off, if you will, of the French navy uniform and it remained, never to leave the pages of fashion, ever.

It had its most notoriety during the days of Pin-Up Girls of the 1940s and 50s. A cute little vampy sailor high-waisted shorts suit, red lips and sailor's hat. Or a pair of dungarees and a striped top. Magic..

I also love it in interior design.. Toile, blue, red, white and sometimes yellow. This trend can brighten up any home.

It just makes me think of the ocean and the french Riviera. And you can always put a twist to it and use a variation of the original colors of red, white and blue; like magenta, navy or cream.

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Ships Ahoy

My Lil Sailor Dress

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