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My Big Break

22 March 2012
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Hello Chic-lets,

I hope all is well in your world because my world is getting bigger and better. Today, I bring to you the things that are inspiring right now and I m hoping to bring you a better blog soon.

At the moment, or for the last week or so I have been thinking how I need a break from communicating with people. For a week or two especially, so it is with this that I have decided to take a break from Tweeting, Blogging and just plain talking for the next 14 days, just in time for my birthday.

There are so many creative things coming my way and I need sometime to just sit back, go deep, get silent and listen and  that starts with unplugging. But I promise, when I come back from my mini-vakay, L&L will be bigger and better.

So enjoy what is inspiring me right now and take care.. and catch up with my blog. There are so many awesome archived posts that I have written that you can learn a lot about makeup, beauty, travel, food and fashion.

Boucheron ring

Luichiny shoes

Kate Spade necklace

Dune clutch

Keen Footwear glove

Pictures Mania

J Crew skirt

Dolce Gabbana lip gloss

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3 comments on "My Big Break"
  1. Enjoy your break my dear!!!I think i'm gonna take one myself...We all need a break once in a while...I'm waiting for your return soon!!Kisses!xoxo

  2. Hey Hun, hope all is well. Lets talk again soon. Still checking in on you. Need to talk FASHION Soon o and of course TOP Model lol ok Love
    Mademoiselle Champagne

  3. Hey Ms. Ann,

    We so need to discuss ANTM.. I am loving this Brit vs. America schpill.. We need to Skype soon. Hit me up!


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