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Hottie of the Week-- Michael Fassbender

14 March 2012
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Good morning Chicklets!! I am waking up to a movie starring the Hottie of the Week, Michael Fassbender.

The German born, Irish raised actor, his mum's Irish and father is German, came onto our radar--at least in the States-- as Stelios in the high-octane movie 300 in 2008. He was a bit of a scene stealer, if you'd ask me.

He then,  went back to his German roots and portrayed an undercover English soldier playing a Nazi in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds. In this film, he had to brush up on his first tongue, German.

He also starred in a few more films before he became a household name by starring as the young Magneto in 2011's XMen First Class along side Scottish actor--and soon to be Hottie of the Week--James McAvoy.

I picked him this week because of a project he and director, Ridley Scott are doing called Your Film Festival. If you are a budding film maker you might want to check out the video below.

**Drools** Oh sod it, every time I see those baby blues I swoon.  He is my wet-dream in the flesh. Seriously, the man is smoking hot in that happy Irish but dark German way. He can bend me as fast and whenever he wants. Woo- Chile!!

And bonus!! He hearts the ethnic ladies! He dated Xmen costar Zoe Kravitz. umm yeah! And check out his other 'leading' ladies.

update: This is his new girlfriend

Did I mention that he has amazing style?? Well, here's your opportunity to steal it. Toodles! I must go burn attempt to make my sweet potato pancakes.

Steal The Style-- Michael Fassbender

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  1. Uhhhhhhh! yeah...Herr Fassbender is hot!But my head is still in the moon with Alexander Skarsgard! Lol


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