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7 Must Haves for Spring-- 2012

11 March 2012

Its time to Spring forward into a new season and what better way to do that than some new items and trends?

Spring is the season of new possibilities, and new life--more like life reincarnated. So you will find some of these items have been reincarnated from times past and are reappearing in a new era with its old charm but better.

1. Something Pink: The best way to bring in the spring is with bright colors. Colors that reflect the blooms on the trees. This bright pink lip is definitely the way to do it and bonus, its on trend.

2. Something Velvety Bloom: Velvet Matte Nails are the talk of the town and what better way to jump on the trend than with the beautiful fresh color of tall green money grass?

3. Something Red: Red is all the rage this season. Its the color of go-getters and jet-setters. Buy a red item just to have a pop in your wardrobe.

4. Something Gold: Go for gold and celebrate the Gilded Age with this gold skirt in your wardrobe. Golden yellow is the color of all things fresh and new which aptly describes Spring.

5. Something Graphically Said: Make a statement with graphic tees that can be dressed up or down. Why not tell the world that curves rule the world with this tee designed by California designer K Antoinette.

6. Something Old: Take a step back in time with this Alexander the Great Coin Bracelet. Charm bracelets are quite a charming edition for spring.

7. Something Polka- dot and New: Polka-dots shoes are an old edition in a new and fabulous way. Go out and get yourself a new pair of dance shoes to fill up your card with this Spring. You never know what's in the air.
3 comments on "7 Must Haves for Spring-- 2012"
  1. I like colour so these are great. the clutch and nails are my favourite. I must try new ones like these. :)

  2. great list! something polka dot is def on my list!


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