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Off the Runway 2011-- Urban Traveller/Going Tribal

11 May 2011
OMG! I am enjoying this season. The trends albeit classic ones, have been inspiring me to no end. In fact I am up at 530 am creating this post because all I could think about was the clothes and putting together a board, and and and.. Ok so I suffer from OCD but I can't help it. I am a creative person and we tend to keep strange hours anyways. Not to mention I have a hot date tonight..

Today's trend board was inspired by this fashion spread in Russian Vogue

This trend is called Urban Traveller and Going Tribal in the fashion circles and is usually a very classic and popular trend for Spring and Summer since the late 60s--bohemian chic movement but this year they have brought in some bright beautiful colors and new prints to go along with those sexy animal prints. If its found in the ancient jungle or rain forest it has more than likely found its way printed on an outfit this season. So here is my take on the trend and I hope it inspires you to push the envelope when it comes to your own personal fashion.

Going Tribal Neon Color Trend
1. ASOS Wrap Front Asymmetric Blouse
2. Topshop Grey Printed Jersey Tapered Trouser
3. Baker's Shoe Wild Pair Swirly Platform
4. Fashion Scarves and Shawls Zebra Print Pashmina

Mixing prints or mixing the same print in different colors is a very popular trend this season in the Urban/Bohemian family. Don't be afraid to play around with the contemporary look and add a pop of color somewhere.

Urban Traveller Trend 
1. Mango Silk Leopard Print Blouse
2. Asos Linen Wide Leg Trouser with Tie Belt
3. Sugar Mary Jane Platform
4. Fashion Scarves and Shawls Aztec Scarf (to wear as a head scarf)

Mixing an animal print with an Aztec graphic inspired print is a la mode this season. Find different ways of tying the scarves. Here is a vlogger who shares tips for different head scarf wear.

Tribally Accessorizing
1. Forever21 Studded Bracelet
2. Forever21 Etched Tribal Bracelet
3. Forever21 Beach Bum Bracelet
4. Forever21 Sea Shell Earrings
5. Meredith Leigh Sterling Ring & 14K Gold Tiger's Eye  
6. Hilary's Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Horn Necklace

Makeup for Med-Dark to Deep Dark Skin tones
1. OCC Clove Pigment (lid)
2. Mac Cosmetics Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow (crease)
3. Mac Cosmetics Carbon Eyeshadow (outer V)
4. NYX Purple Jumbo Eye Pencil (lower lash line)
5. Mac Cosmetics Format Powder Blush
6. Mac Cosmetics Chestnut Lip Pencil
7. OCC Trick Liptar

If you want more color try Rebel Lipstick from Mac Cosmetics

Makeup for Fair to Med-dark Skin Tones
1. OCC Clove Pigment (lid)
2. Mac Cosmetics Ground Cover Eyeshadow (crease)
3. Mac Cosmetics Carbon Eyeshadow (outer V)
4. Mac Cosmetics Teddy Eye Kohl (lower lash line)
5. Mac Cosmetics Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish
6. OCC Conquest Liptar

If you wish to use a brighter color on the lip then try Milan Mode Lipstick by Mac Cosmetics

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