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Hottie of the Week--Jason Momoa

27 May 2011
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 So I am laid up today because my whole body feels as if it has been run over 3 times by an 18 wheeler from moving yesterday and we are still no finish, but I cannot lift another thing. So instead I decided to celebrate another beautiful person today. Well beautiful male. 

One thing you may not know about me is I absolutely love epic tv shows and movies and at the moment one of my favorite shows is Game of Thrones on HBO. It a story supposedly based on a video game. Whatever the case it has beautiful men, violence, lust, love, espionage; you know all the basics of an epic story.  

One of my favorite characters is Khal Drogo which is played by hottie of the week Jason Momoa. Jason Momoa is of Pacific Island and black descent, like my other favorite hottie Dwayne Johnson-- and he is the love interest of Lisa Bonet--the ultimate cougar for snagging this one. So go ahead ladies and gents.. drool with me...

3 comments on "Hottie of the Week--Jason Momoa"
  1. Nice looking guy! I'm following you from Trapani, Sicily!

  2. He is superfine! That Lisa Bonet...she did good! xx from Soleil


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