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My Dissertation Topic and Proposal

20 May 2011
Since I do not have my computer at the moment and I am busy helping my mom pack and move, prepare for a visit from my friend Randy, apply for jobs in S. Korea--I'll tell you about that later-- and prepare my PhD dissertation proposal so that I can apply for programs to enter next year. I have already narrowed it down to 5 schools in Europe and one in particular that I am truly interested in. I have two topics that I will focus on to apply to two different programs to better my chances but one of the topics I am the most excited about.

The first one is a very rare topic at the moment and there are only a few scholars researching the topic and I wish to be among the few. The other topic goes with my Bachelor's degree in Fashion and although I am truly interested in the topic it is not as fascinating as the first. I am not telling you guys what it is just yet becaue I plan to have a separate section on the blog that covers the topic because I find that it is something worth knowing about. But I will give you a hint, it pertains to the Renaissance and Modern European history. So psyched!!

So at the moment I am hunting down a reading list and following the bibliography of that reading list and I will have my face buried in books this summer. However, do not fear I will keep you posted on current fashion trends and I may even throw in a few historical posts on fashion and beauty for you fashion/beauty students that may help you out with your studies.

Once I get my computer back I will reconvene my regular blog posts.. So stay tuned! 

Happy Weekend!

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2 comments on "My Dissertation Topic and Proposal"
  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting even though you are so busy :)
    Exciting for you to be doing so many things!
    Have fun,

  2. Ooh, good luck with that chica, and I hope you get your school of choice. I'm writing now and it's crazy.

    Can't wait to hear about Korea!


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