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Off the Runway 2011-- Peacock Opulence

11 May 2011

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Good morning Chicklets,

I am excited to bring you yet another fabulous color trend of this season. In fact, it is so popular it has made it is way into interior design (another one of my favorite things). The peacock color trend. 


Image obtained via Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

Image obtained via Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

To me, peacocks are one of nature's most beautiful animals. Its colors are so vibrant and the animal itself is very regal. No wonder every year its colors are successful on the Spring runway. Even Mac Cosmetics created a collection inspired by the beautiful colors of the peacock this last January/February.

So after daydreaming over the shores of Zanzibar, I have decided to put together a trend board utilizing colors found in nature, and in this case on a peacock. Enjoy.

1. ASOS Ponti Dress in Fit and Flare
2. ASOS Curve Boyfriend Skinny Belt
3. ASOS Pump It Up Suede Court Platform Shoe
4. Massimo's Leather Tokyo Bag
5. Forever 21 Peacock Print Earrings
6. Emitation's Morgan's Faux Emerald Cocktail Ring
7. Eve's Addiction Gold Vermeil Sterling Silver Heart Charm Pendant
8. Eve's Addiction Stainless Steel Gold Heart Tag Bracelet

Makeup for Medium-Dark to Deep Dark Skin Tones
1. Mac Cosmetics Arena e/s (on the lid)
2. Mac Cosmetics Charcoal Brown e/s (inner V, outer corner)
3. Mac Cosmetics Carbon e/s (outer V, outer corner of eye)
4. Mac Cosmetics Format Powder Blush
5. Mac Cosmetics Chestnut Lip Pencil
6. Mac Cosmetics Ornamental Lustreglass
7. OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise Nail Polish

Makeup for Fair to Medium-Dark Skin Tones
1. Mac Cosmetics Brule e/s (on the lid)
2. Mac Cosmetics Charcoal Brown e/s (inner V, outer corner)
3. Mac Cosmetics Carbon e/s (outer V, outer corner of eye)
4. Mac Cosmetics Sunbasque Powder Blush
5. Mac Cosmetics Spice Lip Pencil
6. Mac Cosmetics Nymphette Lipglass
7. OPI Blue My Mind Nail Polish

3 comments on "Off the Runway 2011-- Peacock Opulence"
  1. Love your style and makeup picks!

    I adore peacocks, they are such magnificent creatures.

    The Cat Hag

  2. Great inspiration.. I love peacocks into fashion clothing.
    A major chic drama
    Lee x

  3. Those rooms look great, the colour combinations definitely do look like they were inspired by peacocks :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva


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