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18 May 2011
My beautiful Mac computer is broken at the moment. I am taking it to the Apple Store today and praying that they will fix it under my warranty. Until then I am using my mom's PC and unfortunately I have not used a PC in 7 years and I have no idea how to. I am hoping my computer will be up and running soon but until I am unable to do any post worth mentioning.

My 17 hour flight to Houston from Italy went on without a hitch and I met some amazing people in the airport. I am happy to be home but ready for the next leg of my life at the same time and I am working and preparing for the next leg. All this week I will be running around looking for a summer job, and summer photo shoots or weddings. I am excited to see how my experience in Italy will change my experience in Houston as far as being a makeup artist is concerned. However it goes I promise to keep you guys abreast of the process.

Until my computer is up and running I will be reposting some old posts that many of you did not get to see and I do apologize for this but I am sure you will have fun and I will make sure to put up the beauty and hottie of the week posts as well because that I can do without my Mac.

Until tomorrow or later, have a great day!


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