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Beauty of the Week-- Rosalyn Sanchez

23 May 2011
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I first saw this latin hottie on Rush Hour 2 when she played the FBI detective with the mini badge affixed to her bra strap. I then saw again in Chasing Papi with Nicole Scherzinger which was a hilarious movie about a player getting caught up in his own game. Later she showed up on one of my favorite shows, Cold Case. Whatever the case, I suffer from visual lesbianism every time I see Rosalyn. What I love about her is she is not thin and she does not care. She embraces her curves like she embraces her roles and this Puerto Rican seems to be quite vivacious and effervescent. She has the cutest little tummy and does not feel the need to cover it up, do crunches everyday to make it flat, in essence she is not obsessed with being stick thin.

This week she is my beauty of the week because she is confident, beautiful, sensual and above all a woman truly in touch with her femininity and refuses to be ashamed of it.  Make sure you check out Chasing Papi especially for the laughs. 

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