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What does the Future Hold

27 January 2011
In my last post I stated that I may be leaving Italy and so it seems I may. Not because I do not love it here but because it has been almost impossible to find a job. Ok. IMPOSSIBLE because I have not found one yet and since I am neither from a rich family or independently wealthy (despite what the lady at the university said about Americans), I need to find a job to sustain my stay here. Although I knew it would be hard to find work here, I think the city I chose to study in has made that much more impossible for me and my circumstances.

At the moment I am throwing a few things against the wall and whatever sticks is where I will go next. What I do know is that America is not the place for me so I will return for a visit and then on to my next adventure wherever that may lead.

It is not set in stone as of yet, we all know that 2 weeks from now my whole world could change but as of now I am taking steps toward leaving. I definitely plan to be here through the middle of the summer so if you are around look me up. I love chatting and meeting my fellow bloggers and readers.

I have received numerous emails on how to move/study in Italy and advice etc, so I have decided to put together a series over the next few weeks to make the lives of those aspiring to come here easier. I pretty much did it all on my own so I made a few mistakes that I would not have made if I had known better. I do not count this as a failure, the journey has been amazing and I have met so many wonderful people and my love for makeup, fashion and photo shooting has been renewed. Not to mention my soul and spirit which really needed it after the last 6 years of my life. So I am very happy. I will keep everyone posted on my journey and the series will start next Tuesday.

Be on the look out and until next blog...

7 comments on "What does the Future Hold"
  1. Hey girl, sorry to hear about the job situation. Why not try here? So far things here have been great. And I bet for you it would be too. Give us a call, let's talk. We miss you!


  2. Hi Tani,

    I have been reading you blog and was/is proud of you for stepping outside the US. I too have traveled to Italy and would love to live there. I know first hand about how dire the job situation is over there! Just have a bit of unsolicited advice.....Explore outside of the United States! Where ever you land update the blog.

    Good Luck Tani

  3. Thanks Vivian. I have a lot of irons in the fire but I will not reveal them until I know for sure. So at the moment I am just sitting back--actively--and watching. Its fun. It is making me stretch my imagination for sure. :D

  4. Sorry to hear about your issues with the job market. Are there any other "dream" countries that you would love to live in? I loved Italy, but I would only want to live there temporarily (the bureaucracy is beyond insane).

  5. THanks Fefe,

    Not knocking the States but I know where I am happy and the U.S. doesn't do it for me. People always get offended hen I say that. It is not a bad thing, at least I know what I want in that respect. Just like Paris is not for me. Great places but don't suit my personality. Me I am on the move. Doing what I must and being happy. And who knows, I may end up staying here but as of now I am ready fora new adventure. :D

  6. Not sure yet Swirl. I'll know when it happens. I have a few countries in mind though but we will see what happens next. will keep u posted

  7. Hey lady!
    I didn't get offended at all, lady you know I love my life a little more when I'm outside the States. Just sayin' if returning is what you need to do for the short hall, get more money in your bank account and wallet, then do so. You're right, you should do what makes you happy, no matter where you need or decide to live. I wish you all the best, always.

    Ciao Bella!


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