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Foto Shoot in Firenze

16 January 2011
Today was an awesome day. I had the opportunity to work with the amazing photographer Pasquale Maria Salerno whom I originally thought was 'Maria" because that was the only name my brain registered when I saw it on ModelMayhem.. Let's just say, we had a laugh out of it.

Anyhow, we did a photo shoot at a city 'villa' outside of Firenze that was built at the turn of the century circa 1909. The photo shoot was named Fashion Through the Ages, or at least that is what I named it because we had a wardrobe whose style ranged from the 1920s-1960s. In fact my favorite fedora that I bought at Buffalo Exchange in Montrose, Houston, TX, my large flower and pink 'diamond' rings made appearances in the shoot. We had the time of our lives. I don't think I have had this much fun in Italy since arriving, and I have had some fun shoots.

Pasquale is an amazing photographer and needs to make a book, if only he would listen to me..:D He is the only photographer that I know who does not use a digital camera.. period.. And the models Nathalie a beautiful girl of German/Brazilian stock, born and raised in Italy and Cecilia a Tuscan girl made for a fun and creative shoot.

The wardrobe was from A Ritroso Vintage Shop in Florence. It is owned by Camilla Baracchi and is written about on Rose and Pearl Vintage blog. The clothes are originals from each era.

Here are some pics that I took at the shoot. I cannot wait to get the professional ones. Vintage fashion is meraviglioso! Enjoy!

© 2011  Latte Chic

© 2011  Latte Chic

© 2011 Latte Chic

© 2011 Latte Chic

© 2011 Latte Chic

© 2011 Latte Chic

Pictures © 2011 Latte Chic
MUA: Tanisha Shulamit
Models: Nathalie Englemann & Cecilia Ganghereti
Photographer: Pasquale Maria Salerno
Wardrobe: A Ritroso Vintage Boutique, Florence, Italy
Site: 19th century City Villa *Andrea*
3 comments on "Foto Shoot in Firenze"
  1. I did but I did not get to see the city. the shoot was outside the city but I love being there nonetheless. i will transfer to the University in the Fall..:)

  2. It's so aggravating how some people only take good photos because they have good cameras. How refreshing and awesome that Pasquale doesn't use a digital camera!

    Also, pink "diamond" rings are the best!! haha



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