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04 January 2011

Let's just say I am still on my IperCoop high. For you who do not know, IperCoop is a large grocery store here in Italy. It is like Super Walmart on crack with the food selection of Whole Foods and Central Market. Everything is fresh and hormone free and they even have a large selection of Gluten-free products!

I have been wanting to go to IperCoop since arriving in Italy but I have not had the time or inclination until yesterday and let me tell you when I walked in, I thought I had died and awaken in food heaven. The place is a monstrosity situated in a mall of all places and it has products from all over the world.

There is a bakery, fish market, butchery and cheese market on the inside and you can even buy clothes there! Gasp! From this point one, I will only shop at IperCoop, it made my becoming a pescatarian that much more easy.

Buona Feste to those living in Italy! Until next blog!

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