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Changes to satisfy my soul

09 January 2011
As you all know I have been making changes to my life, blog and everything in between. I was just told recently that I do not show enough enthusiasm for my passions namely make-up, fashion, art, photography, and the history of these things. I absolutely love them along with the Renaissance/Modern History period of Europe and the eras of the 1920s-1960s in America and Europe.

I know this is news to you all because I never talk about those things on my blog because I have been focusing my blog on my being an expat and moving here to Italy. Not to mention I had lost my love for those industries due to some very seedy characters that I had to deal with while working in them and I got bored. However, my love and passion have been renewed over the last few months thanks to some great friends and free time to surf the web.

Therefore, I will continue to write about my expat adventures and my other passions, but as soon as I can figure out how to transfer my blog to Blogger to have more options, my blog will take on a duality--because I am too lazy to have two damn blogs, seriously. I will be writing about all of these things. It makes me seem schizophrenic, however I must satisfy my very Renaissance soul and present a complete picture of who I am. Unfortunately, this will confuse my blog connect sites but I do not care. Why do we all need to be in boxes anyway? I like thinking outside of them.

Not to mention many opportunities have presented themselves in conjunction with my other passions and as they unfold I will tell you all about them. Until then enjoy the changes that are coming and I look forward to reading your comments as they come.

Until then, enjoy one of my favorite Italian/Moroccan singers Malika Ayane

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  1. You can do it all, Tanisha! Just as long as you're doing something, anything that you love, you'll be happy.


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