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05 January 2011
Lately I have been moving into a new direction in my life. To be honest I was not expecting to do what I am doing. FASHION! Again!! But you guys know HOW MUCH I LOVE IT! I try to deny that creative side of me but here it is. I have a fashion shoot on Saturday in Florence. I am very excited about and I will post pictures here when I get them so be on the look out. At the moment I am researching fashion blogs, beefing up my portfolio to go to modeling agencies. It seems while in Italy I will not be able to run away from my first love....Art and Fashion! It is what it is. I want to thank my girl, Felicia for kicking me in my butt. I am getting a move on it girl. Sitting on my ass won't do. But until next blog, here is a sample of what is inspiring me at the mo.

And of course while I was typing this entry my package via an airplane carried by my lovely friend Sascha from my wonderful Mother in Houston arrived and now I am being inspired even more by my first pair of Converse--I designed them myself--my uncle Leon would be proud if he weren't deceased, new towels, kitchen aids, comforter and hot sauce. Yeah, I said hot sauce, I know my blackness is coming out but a sister was missing the tanginess one can only receive from Louisiana's finest....:D

Thank you Mom and Sascha! You guys rock my socks! Love you bunches!

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