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Its a new year

01 January 2011
And everyone has new year's resolutions. I know I do. I am excited about this year because like last year I knew that my life was going to change dramatically and I am excited about it. I know this year will be very prosperous for me and those who have been some gracious and helpful to me. I am blessed to have the friends and family that I have in my life. They are amazing!

Here are my resolutions and I hope you all will make your lists and stick to them..

Practice yoga 5x a week
learn two new Italian phrases a day
Get out of my house and practice those phrases
Have better study habits
Become fluent in Italian the first half of the year
learn Latin
Take painting lessons
Become a pescatarian sugar and gluten-free; cook my own meals
Learn something new every day
Be more thankful
Open up more
Learn Tango
Write more and complete what I start
Start my businesses
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