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Fun times are to be had

25 January 2011
And they were had last night when I spent an evening at my fave restaurant with fellow blogger Yearlyglot who was visiting Italy for a month after spending a year becoming fluent in the language. He was a hoot, in fact I am surprised that we were not kicked out of the restaurant.

He gave me a few pointers on becoming more fluent in Italian and we laughed about how hard it is sometimes to understand Italians when they speak because they mumble. He speaks about 5 languages and has decided to learn a new language to fluency every year. Get over to his blog and be inspired.

I have so much to tell you guys but my life has been a bit cray cray.. I promise to write more on Thursday.. Hopefully by then I will also have the pictures back from the last two foto shoots I have done..

Buona giornata!

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  1. That is the plan. At the moment it is just a dream and I am doing fun shoots here in Italy. my skills got rusty so I am pulling them out again.. :D


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