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Its a new year

01 January 2011
And everyone has new year's resolutions. I know I do. I am excited about this year because like last year I knew that my life was going to change dramatically and I am excited about it. I know this year will be very prosperous for me and those who have been some gracious and helpful to me. I am blessed to have the friends and family that I have in my life. They are amazing!

Here are my resolutions and I hope you all will make your lists and stick to them..

Practice yoga 5x a week
learn two new Italian phrases a day
Get out of my house and practice those phrases
Have better study habits
Become fluent in Italian the first half of the year
learn Latin
Take painting lessons
Become a pescatarian sugar and gluten-free; cook my own meals
Learn something new every day
Be more thankful
Open up more
Learn Tango
Write more and complete what I start
Start my businesses
3 comments on "Its a new year"
  1. Do I understand correctly that you are in Italy right now? If so, where? I land in Rome on the 11th, and then I'm going to visit several cities over the next 30 days. Maybe you'd like to meet up?

  2. Yes Randy I am in Italy. I have been here for 4 months now. I live in Bologna. Whereabouts will you travel to? It is 'fretfully' cold. Will u go south or north? and u must see Florence if u have not already.. LOVE that city..

  3. I'm landing in Rome and going north. Time permitting, I may venture south, but I'm not expecting that to happen. I'll definitely see Florence, and several other cities.

    And I'm sure to visit Bologna, too. Let's get together! Email me and we'll coordinte when I know my plans better.


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