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05 January 2011
Lately I have been moving into a new direction in my life. To be honest I was not expecting to do what I am doing. FASHION! Again!! But you guys know HOW MUCH I LOVE IT! I try to deny that creative side of me but here it is. I have a fashion shoot on Saturday in Florence. I am very excited about and I will post pictures here when I get them so be on the look out. At the moment I am researching fashion blogs, beefing up my portfolio to go to modeling agencies. It seems while in Italy I will not be able to run away from my first love....Art and Fashion! It is what it is. I want to thank my girl, Felicia for kicking me in my butt. I am getting a move on it girl. Sitting on my ass won't do. But until next blog, here is a sample of what is inspiring me at the mo.

And of course while I was typing this entry my package via an airplane carried by my lovely friend Sascha from my wonderful Mother in Houston arrived and now I am being inspired even more by my first pair of Converse--I designed them myself--my uncle Leon would be proud if he weren't deceased, new towels, kitchen aids, comforter and hot sauce. Yeah, I said hot sauce, I know my blackness is coming out but a sister was missing the tanginess one can only receive from Louisiana's finest....:D

Thank you Mom and Sascha! You guys rock my socks! Love you bunches!

2 comments on "Research"
  1. great photos and memories there. let it all work together - art, fashion and makeup. it almost seems like the three of them shouldn't exist without the others. i certainly don't think fashion and makeup can exist without art because they are both so inspired by art. you go girl. get it going. xoxo

  2. You are something else! Not kicking you in the butt, just lighting a little fire under your posterior region! LOL! One of my colleagues, a fellow photographer, lit a little fire under me as well today, definitely gave me food for thought and I will act on what he taught me today. Continue to grow, we have no choice and thank God for that! Ciao Bella!



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