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The Stylish Mr. Gordon-- Man of Style

02 April 2012
Do you miss the days long pass when men were just as stylish as their female counterparts? When euphemisms such as 'dandy,' 'metrosexual,' 'gay' were not used to refer to men who took pride in their appearances? When low slung jeans and Tommy Bahama shirts were not de rigueur?

Lament no longer, there is a new wave of renegade men, taking fashion by storm. Channeling such stylish men as Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart and Sidney Portier. Pushing fashion to its limits and letting the world know that heterosexual males have style too.

N. Gordon, the editor and founder of the blog, The Stylish Mr. Gordon is one such male. I stumbled upon his blog a couple of months ago in search of fashion-forward men in the blogosphere. Mr. Gordon was gracious enough to allow me to interview him about his style, influences, inspiration and future projects.  We had a very candid conversation via Skype--he lives in London and I, in Houston-- and this is what he had to say:

LL:Who inspires your style and are you a vintage man or a modern man?

NG: My style isn't really influenced by anyone.  I have always worn what I like regardless of what others think. I think one has to be strong to do this because often people will doubt or ask why and my answer is "because I like it".  I would say I combine vintage elements into my modern dress sense. I often refer to myself as 'Chocolate Cary Grant' because Cary Grant was always immaculately dressed.  He was famed for always wearing a suit. I would like to be remembered for always being stylishly dressed even if it doesn't always involve a suit.

LL: What is the goal of your blog and your contribution to the fashion world? Are you looking to bring men back to a time where style was essential?

NG: The original goal of my blog was to keep me abreast of current fashion trends and to showcase what I wear (as people seemed to like what I wore).  I hope that it will incorporate more images of me and stylishly dressed people around London.  I'm not interested in bringing men back to anything because I think both men and women should be confident in what they wear.  However, if people want a bit of inspiration perhaps they could look at a few pics of me / anyone I feature and use that as a starting point to try something they wouldn't normally try. 

LL: What are two other endeavors besides your blog that you are working on?

NG: Besides my blog I am working on launching my own radio show and then podcast it to the masses.  I've worked in radio before and apparently I have a nice rich voice and great English accent (as told by my American & British friends).  
In addition to this I hope to launch a second website challenging myself to get rich in a set time frame....I'll log every part of my journey and I hope this will be viewed as self-help guide / inspirational project for those with dreams of wealth and success.  

LL: What is the fashion atmosphere in London? Does it influence or inspire your style choices?

NG: London is a very diverse city and if you look then you will find loads of inspiration.  I rarely look at others and I rarely follow fashion advice from anyone.  Fashions come and go so my aim is to be constantly stylish, but take chances whilst doing so. I do however love walking down Savile Row as I love the suits and history of the street.  I can't afford the clothes there but I especially love the styles of: Maurice Sedwell, Ozwald Boateng, Huntsman and Gieves and Hawkes.

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