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Steal the Style: Flirty Dress, Carmen Miranda

26 April 2012
'It (prejudice) is such a waste. It makes you logy and half-alive. It gives you nothing. It takes away.' ~ Dorothy Dandridge

Ever wish you could be as stylish as the women of the 50s? I do all the time, in fact, in my head, I AM just as stylish as they. Lucky for you I decided to share with you my style secrets **snarks**.

Dorothy Dandridge was  not only known for her tragic death and her bad choices of men but she was mostly known for her gumption, her acting and singing chops and her impeccable style.  She is a legend in her her right, being the first American of African ancestry to play a lead role in a cast. As Carmen Miranda, she brought Hollywood front and center to the homes of many Americans that rarely saw themselves reflected back at them on the big screen. In this, she was a trendsetter and risk taker and a very strong woman.

So, here's your opportunity to steal her style.

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