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Restaurant Review: Saint Genevieve Houston

05 April 2012

Saint Genevieve Upper
 Kirby, Houston, TX

I was invited to this swanky little place last week by a good friend of mine and I am glad I went.  Sainte Genevieve was created by the Van Delden brothers and the doors opened in late August 2011. This spot was reminiscent of a 1920s bar like the Cotton Club or a Parisian Cafe and it was dimly lit. There were dark leather settees, high bars, low tables and chandeliers. There is also a wet bar--its a bit larger than a wet bar-- where they serve high end vodka, scotch, wine or your run of the meal drinks and mixed drinks situated in the center of the room. You can also have your drink delivered to you.

The place was filled with the jet-set and power players of Houston. The crowd was ethnically diverse and well dressed. The music was house and the top 40 and there was a performance by a belly dancer.

They had great dishes such as Lavender and Goat Cheese Puffs, Spicy Spanish Meat Balls, Pan y Tomate con Jamon and Mumbai Chicken.

Being the rebel that I am. I decided to partake in the most stereotypical meal on the menu. Of course the only people that know about this stereotype are southern people because when I mentioned it to my friends from the north there were crickets singing in the background.

The Mumbai Chicken, $9, consisted of fried chicken strips laid on top of a bed of cubed watermelon and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese. A teriyaki sauce mixture was drizzled on top.

The dish was deliciously sweet, salty and tangy. The chicken strips were moist and crunchy and the watermelon was ripe to perfection. Although, I should not have eaten it due to the breading and my gluten allergy--trust and believe I suffered later-- I am glad I did have the experience.

All in all I would definitely recommend this bar to Houstonians or anyone visiting. The ambience is spectacularly chic and the food is reasonably priced yet tastes like a five star restaurant. The service is prompt and friendly-- I received my meal 15 minutes after I ordered it-- and although the place is crowded it is so spacious you are not aware of it.

Two Chic Shimmies for this Restaurant-Bar.

For more information please see below:
2800 Kirby at Westheimer
Second floor of the West Ave complex.
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