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Beauty of the Week-- Kerry Washington

07 April 2012
Kerry Photoshopped to death but still awesome

Its my birthday and what better way to celebrate then by celebrating other black beauties in entertainment? I just finished watching the new Shonda Rhimes' show "Scandal" on rotation all day, its so good and damn it, I think I just smudged my gorgeous nail polish writing this post, sigh.

Anyhoo, I have been wanting to highlight Kerry for a while, I have to admit she is one of my girl crushes and since she is making history with  this show--she is said to be the first black female lead of a prime time TV series, however I heard Diahann Carroll was, hmmm, conundrum-- I decided to celebrate her now. The story line, the one liners, the dialogue, the show rocked.

Kerry is a Bronx native born to a professor mother and real-estate broker father. My first encounter with this starlet was in MTV's 'Save the Last Dance' when she played, Chenille, the overbearing sister to Sean Patrick Thompson's character.

Her star shot through the stratosphere in her role in 'Ray' opposite Jamie Foxx and the girl has been rocking since. She is frequently best dressed on the red carpet, creating fashion trends with her fabulous personal style.  She is also a spokesperson for L'Oreal cosmetics. She is known for her flawless skin and full lips.

But she isn't all beauty. She is known as a political activist, campaigning for Barack Obama in 2008, and volunteering for NYC's Adopt-a- Classroom and Green America. I truly believe that her rise is just beginning and there is more to come with this gorgeous and fabulous actress.

For you Career Chiclets wanting to make an impression or stand out without being gaudy, take a page from Kerry's character, Livie Pope, and choose a style or color to represent your personality. Such as all black, white or gray. Add a bright colored scarf or funky jewelry to set your outfit off. Just because you are a lawyer, doctor or engineer does not mean your wardrobe has to be dry as melba toast. You want to be remembered for all of the right reasons and be aware of your cleavage. Too much reads trashy, just enough reads classy. Soon I will do a full post on how to dress for success without being a snooze.

Livie Pope

Steal her red carpet style
kerry washington steal her style

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