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08 April 2012
Recently, I decided to add some changes or shall I say new editions to the blog. What's funny is that while brainstorming with one of the contributing writers, specifically Cha, she suggested  something that I had been thinking about for 3 weeks. My idea was still in the formulation stage, I was still trying to figure out how I was going to go about doing it. And when she basically spoke my thoughts to me, I decided that it was a good plan. Confirmation is always a good plan.

The ones I discarded
Last week I went to a friend's house who invited me over to revamp her closet. She wanted me to go through it and throw away things that didn't fit her personality.

The new and improved set

She also wanted me to give her advice on what to add to make her clothes pop. And other ways to bring out her rocker-bohemian personality with a bit of a vintage twist. It was there, that the Ask A Stylist section was born. I will commence the section with two outfits or pieces that I chose from my friend's closet and styled.

Ask A Stylist as well as Ask A Makeup Artist (MUA) is your chance to upload a piece from your closet  or makeup kit and send it to Lattes and Lipstick and one of our editors will help you style and then post it to the blog. Its one thing to tell you what's on trend, its another to help you define those trends for yourself. So without further ado, here is my first picks for Ask A Stylist and the explanation behind them.

Going Tribal
My friend had this very cute tribal print summer dress hanging in her closet. And with summer fast approaching I wanted to style this little frock for her. I stuck with the tribal theme presented in the dress but paired it with a neutral palette of color particularly black and cream because the dress itself is already colorful so there is no need to add more color to it. A black studded belt at the waist gives it a more rocker edge but you can go without it. The belt states you are a bit more fashion forward and daring.


I saw these two pieces hanging in her closet and decided that they went well together. A crocheted knit top with a hint of coral and apricot pants. Again because this ensemble has plenty of color I decided to accessorize it with more neutral tones. Ballet Flats with embellishments and gold tone jewelry--especially the fly necklace--makes this set whimsical. Add a tote and cocktail ring reflecting its color make this outfit perfect for a casual day at work or a casual brunch with the girls.

I look forward to your responses and inquiries. To ask a stylist or mua please email us at
2 comments on "Ask a Stylist/MUA"
  1. The Second outfit and accessories are so me. My still tend to be very Ralph Lauren/Gap/Ann Taylor - ish and then I try to spice it up with something but my basic wardrobe is very American Girl lol I can get out of it. When its time to be edgy I have that too. Good job and good luck with the friends closet.

  2. Hey there it's been a while. I love the looks you put together and I truly admire all that you do! I've been lazing around way to long and I want to get out there and do stuff (ok yeah I've been recovering but I'm really bored of that!)
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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