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L&L's URL is Back--Celebration

12 April 2012
After two months of going back and forth with Blogger, Google and bloody GoDaddy my personalized url is FINALLY working YAY!  And in anticipation of tonight's Scandal episode--yes I'm addicted--I am popping popcorn, styling my hair, applying some mascara and lashes and uncorking some red.

No not really, but, I do feel like doing that. However, what I did do was troll the blogosphere for some fashion snaps of the star Kerry Washington and I have found some fabulous looks and I've remade them just for you, well this particular one, so that you can get it for WAYYY less than I am sure she paid for it.

Who says you can't be awesome and fashionable on a budget? Peeshaw! I hope you all will be joining me   on ABC tonight for the new episode of Grey's and the 2nd episode of Scandal. And of course The Vampire Diaries and Missing.

This is my Thursday line up and its going to be intense and fabulous! But until then, steal Kerry's hot cobalt dress for less.

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