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Moms Can be Chic Too

10 April 2012
The other day I received this email from a reader by the name of Melanie, here is what she said:

Well, Mel, of course I can. Just because I am not a mom does not mean I cannot help those that are, out.

Not all of us are latin bombshells. Here in Texas the Latin women are in 5in heels 5 days after giving birth pushing around strollers or chasing toddlers but most women, lets face it, cannot do all of that.

Mom's can be fashionable without wearing mile high heels, in fact, flats are the new rage thanks to FLOTUS.  Nor do moms have to always wear dark colors in fear of getting anything light, dirty. You can wear all of the new trends, but what I would suggest however is wearing things floaty and/or flexible, things that move with your body so when you have to chase after your kid you are able to move fast enough, so no pencil skirts here.  But, that does not mean you can't wear skirts either.

Just because you are a mom does not mean your fashion sense has to go by the way-side.  Of course you need things that are effortless, that you do not have to think long and hard about on a harried day.  Here are some looks I put together for you.

Moms Can be Stylish Too

Moms Can be Stylish Too by lattes-n-lipstick featuring dot jewelry

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Why It Works

The chambray top is floaty but has and gives shape to the body so you do not look boxy and the capri pants are stretch and cotton so they are comfortable and breathable and they move with your body. The flats are comfortable and effortless and it is easy to maneuver in them. A tote? Need I say more.

Moms can be Chic and Comfortable in a Skirt

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Why it Works

Wearing a flirty a-line skirt gives you a vintage and feminine flirty feel with the ability of being agile in case of extreme circumstances. And this bright and happy color makes you look happy and approachable and your child feel safe and happy. Flats are still stylish, why not wear them and you don't always have to carry a tote. Most of the time you will but have your own personal bag to carry some of your essentials in so that your identity is not solely attached to that of your child.

Have fun with these looks and I hope they serve as guidelines to being a chic mom.
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