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Summer Games London 2012

05 April 2012

The summer Olympics are right around the corner and everyone is heading to London-town! I am so miffed that I can't be there but I am sure you all will be representing your teams.

I had such an amazing time when I visited London in 2005. The Brits are fabulous. I think my favorite thing was seeing British men in suits drinking pints of beer at lunch. That's what I call liberal. And don't get me started on the accent. Well the posh one because sometimes--when speaking Cockney--I haven't a clue. And bonus, I am one of those rare Americans who can tell the difference between South African, English, Irish, Scottish and Australian accents. Most times I can get it down to the geographical location. Ha!

The only thing I did not like about England was the food. STILL trying to figure out how to make greasy BLAND food. Haven't perfected it yet. I lived off of beer and fish and chips. Next time I am going to the ethnic neighborhoods and eat some curry and jewish food. Oohh Jamaican jerk chicken. Yum...

Me and a Hot Aussie in London

And Brits know how to party. They are a rambunctious bunch and I truly enjoyed myself.

London Bridge--not the original

Speaking of London, Charlize Theron is on the cover of British Vogue for the month of May. She looks amazing--airbrushed to death--but amazing!

Speaking of summer games, I am enjoying this season of ANTM- British Invasion. Who's your favorite model to be? Azmarie can get it...and I heart Sophie and Annalise.

And how will you represent your country at the summer games? Here are a few ways:

Summer Games Team USA

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