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Top 5 Prettiest Nail Color Trends 2013

03 April 2013
I have been getting shout outs from ladies about nail color trends. And I have put together the first list of the most feminine nail color trends this S/S 2013. But don't worry if you don't see a color that you like, there will be a part deux--coming soon. Here are a few color trends that have been spotted on the runway and street that I think you ladies can definitely pull off. Make sure to take some pics if you try a few of them out.

Mint and Jade Green:
This color is a throw back to the early 60s when mint and jade were all the rage. These greens are very spring-y and they go with all skin tones. Wear them on your toes or fingers, alone or as art. Whichever way you choose you can't go wrong.
Nail Trends S/S 2013-- Jade and Mint Green

Good Fellow Yellow:
Yellow is a color of newness and what a great way to welcome the newness of spring with this bright and fun color? You can wear it in neon, butter or mustard. You can also mix and match with other neutrals. However you choose to wear yellow, it'll definitely be fun.
SS 2013 Nail Color Trends--Yellow

Candy Apple Red
Red is a classic color. No girl or woman can go wrong with red. Wear it in the classic way, with sparkles or as reversed tips. Have fun it with. Just wearing the colors speaks volume about your confidence...It's everything!
SS 2013 Nail Color Trends--Red

Coral Your Enthusiam
Coral is a year rounder color. It doesn't matter the season. This classic throw back from the 60s is a more refined orange and is perfect color for all skin tones and shades. Get your girlie-on or go rock n roll by adding black racer stripes to your nails.
SS 2013 Nail Color Trends--Coral


 Oh lavender. So pretty and feminine. In fact I think she is a bit of a priss with a wild side. Lavender is just a fantastic color no matter how you slice it. It's a great color to wear with a summer dress or white. Add some silver nail art and you can take this color out of neutral.
SS 2013 Nail Color Trends--Lavender

3 comments on "Top 5 Prettiest Nail Color Trends 2013"
  1. I'm all about these colors for Spring! As a matter of fact I just order mint, yellow and lavender nail polish from Avon.

  2. I love mint and jade green. Nothing is more fun than applying new nail polish!

    Corinne x

  3. Love these nail colours. Mint is a colour I love on my nails.


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