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Beauty Mini Shopping Spree and The Mummy Returns

21 April 2013
This weekend I had a mini shopping spree while out looking for things to add to my jewelry collection Lilith and McRae. The one thing I love about Special K (South Korea) is the plethora of beauty products. A lot of them are organic and vegetarian as well (sometimes they use eggs in their products). And although I have to dance around the whitening products I have stumbled upon a few gems.

Skinfood and Innis Free have some of my favorite products. At the moment I am using the Argon Oil Silk Conditioning pack from Skinfood and it is doing wonders for my poor newly dry hair.

But this weekend I wanted to stay on trend with nail colors and nail art. As well as a nice tinted lipgloss. I bought this really pretty pale blue nail polish that had a lot of color and this fun flirty coral one too. The colors dry very fast and don't chip as much. The lip gloss is a tinted lipgloss so there is not a lot of color pay off but it is nice when you don't want to apply full on lipstick.

Innis Free nail lacquers are chemical free and great for the environment.

Tinted lipgloss
I also bought these cute nail decals from Skinfood. I can't wait to try them out.

At the moment I am in a 1920s and 40s mood so I am watching The Mummy Returns and Casablanca. I am looking forward to seeing the Great Gatsby this summer. These two eras will be inspiring my fall collection.

I hope you all are having a great weekend and my heart and prayers go out to those in Boston. Take care and stay chic.
3 comments on "Beauty Mini Shopping Spree and The Mummy Returns"
  1. Ooh, the nail colors you chose are gorgeous - and perfect for spring / summer! :)

  2. The nails colors a bit art deco inspire and I'm so excited to see another great production of The Great Gatsby since I saw the Robert Redford, Mia Farrow one so many times!


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