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Korean Wedding part 1 and Acts of Kindness

12 April 2013
At the moment I am sitting in a chair getting my toes painted a pretty pink preparing for my first Korean wedding.

Ill be leaving in less than two hours to go to Seoul to see my bud and ex-coworker Angela get married. I'm sure it will be a fun affair.

Last night I was thinking about how kindness one act of it changes us. I remember when I went to Thailand in 2001. I remember meeting a middle class Thai lady who went by the name of Big. She named herself after the character in SATC. At the time I thought the name was odd because I had yet to watch SATC. She was of course the complete opposite of her name. She was a tiny lady but she did have a big heart and personality.

My friend and I were trying to find the Emerald Buddha and Big was hanging out with her American beau that she had met online and was finally meeting for the first time after two years of conversation. She decided to take us all to see the Buddha on her dime. I was suspicious at first because in western culture we are taught you can't get something for nothing but the thinking of the friendly people in Thailand was we just love serving people.

Talking to Big was refreshing. She was spirited and she made me laugh. She found it odd that I straightened my hair at the time. She didn't understand why. She said, "We make our hair curly to look like you and you straighten your hair. It's so beautiful curly."

I never forgot that statement. I saw myself in a completely new light and two years later I went natural.

I wrote all that to say this, one act of kindness can change a person life. A kind word or gesture will always be remembered. After twelve years, I still remember Big and her kindness. I hope to one day model that spirit.

I will post pictures of the wedding tomorrow. Have a great weekend.

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