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My birthday weekend and Lilith and McRae Jewelry :)

07 April 2013
Yep you read that right. Today was the 37th anniversary of my wondrous birth.. So what did I do? Not much. A couple of friends and I  went to this awesome Indian restaurant here in Daejeon, called Indy.

Next we walked over to The Galleria to try to find a few things for Jen for a wedding we are going to this weekend. I bought two scarves. I couldn't resist. We saw these awesome assymetrical clutch bags, but the price was astronomical...

Then we went downstairs and had some delicious Gelato at Gusttimo.

Frutti di Bosco and Bacismo (nutella) just yum!
Later with bellies full, we went walking around so more. I hammed around a bit in some fun glasses and saw the cutest poodle with sneakers on..

I spent most of the weekend putting some finishing touches on my jewelry collection. Its about 90% done. I am very excited about it. Here are some pieces here.

Other than that, my life is good. Not fearing much from the North but I will keep you all posted :)