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My Style Icon of the Moment and Paris

28 April 2013
It is finally spring here in Special K and I am very happy about it. I love winter but when it is 5 months long, it begins to lose its shine and I begin to walk under a dark cloud, literally.

Of late, I have been finishing my S/S 2013 Collection and designer my Fall Collection and becoming excited about my evolution as a jewelry designer. But I have also been inspired stylistically by a fictitious character that I fell in love with last year on the Australian Network.

Phryne Fisher of the novels and 1 season show Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries has become my style heroin and of course the fact that she lived during the time for which since I was a child I felt I was a part of doesn't help either.

The roaring 20s was an age where women begin to shrug off the mantle placed on their shoulders and begin to live a little. It was an era of style, fun and musical expression. It was a time of rebellion, of New York City, Sydney, London and Paris. I absolutely love this era. So much in fact, my grandmother  would buy me spectators and t-strap shoes every other year.

So here a photo essay of Phryne Fisher and some modern takes on her style.

Lately I have been also dreaming about Paris. I am hoping to visit there again this year. But until then, I listen to this beautiful homage to the city by aspiring singer Calliope.

Paris-- Written and performed by Calliope

Listen and buy the rest of her debut album here

2 comments on "My Style Icon of the Moment and Paris"
  1. I never seeing this series but with the kind of fashion that you display here no wonder is a hit.
    I hope that you get to visit Paris soon!

  2. Incredible fashion! Love the elegant 20's looks! I need to see this series, wow!



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