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What I have been up to lately

31 March 2013
Not only have I been eating healthier and cooking and burning in the kitchen, I have been completing my  jewelry line, Lilith and McRae. I've been working on the S/S 2013 Collection, Serica Via. This collection is based on the cities and countries along the Silk Road.

There's a lot of colors and a lot of earthy tones.  I've used czech fire-polished beads, semi-precious stone beads, and cute charms; stacked bracelets and snake charm necklaces and bracelets (it is the year of the snake). I am still working on the collection because I am still waiting (2 months) for some of the items to come in.

My shop is up, check out what I have over there: Lilith and McRae

The Work Room

I love designing and trying new things to come up with my own creative aesthetic. And although its just Spring, I have already planned my Fall collection, too. I will keep you posted on that :)

But here's a true peak into my creative process.. I love to call it my workroom :)

3 comments on "What I have been up to lately"
  1. So many loveliness! You incredible creative my dear!

  2. I am in love with the bracelets with the half-moon charm - so gorgeous! :)

  3. They are very pretty :) I would love to come up with a few designs and make it :)


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