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Boyfriend Jeans: A How To Guide

23 April 2013
I have been a bit under the weather of light. The yellow dust from China is starting to float in and it is kicking my ass.

However, I wanted to bring you all this post on boyfriend jeans because I am loving them right now. Boyfriend jeans have been an ongoing trend for about two years now. They are a throwback to the fabulous 50s and they are just as great now as there were then. They are very slouchy, but versatile. Women of all ages can wear them. I have put together three ways that you can wear them. Dress them up or down. However you choose to wear them, you won't go wrong.    

Denim on Denim: Canadian Tuxedo
Boyfriend Jeans--How to 3

Boyfriend Jeans--How to 2

Neon Lights
Boyfriend Jeans--How to

4 comments on "Boyfriend Jeans: A How To Guide"
  1. I hope that you kick that yellow dust ass and get better!
    The boyfriend jeans are the best one to wear because they give you a bit of room to move and they can be styled in so many ways.

  2. Get better, babe! Love a slouchy fitting pair of jeans and the outfit with the leopard top rocks! x

  3. I love a good pair of boyfriend jeans so laze about it!

    Corinne x


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