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Hump Day Wednesday

01 May 2013
I overslept this morning. But that is ok. I am still groggy and I have been at work for almost 6 hours. And at the moment I need a vacation. However, the new Shoe Dazzle VIP sneak peek video got me excited. Woke me up a bit, it did. Now I have to decide which two pairs that I want. I am definitely getting pair #1. I need a pair of fashionable kicks to wear around the school.

But it's a toss up between pairs 2 and 3.. Decisions, decisions.... I am also bra shopping at the moment and just found out that Victoria's Secret now ships overseas. WINNING!!

Then I stumbled on this little gem on Etsy. Hand-stitched and hand-printed leather handbags from Lithuania. They are fantastic.  They are by a small shop called Coriumi. Make sure to check out their site. In the meantime, drool over this handbag with me.

2 comments on "Hump Day Wednesday"
  1. Those hand-stitched and hand-printed leather handbags are amazing!
    Thanks for the link.

  2. Those bags are beautiful, I love them! x


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