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Summer Shorts: 4 Ways to wear them this summer

17 May 2012

I had planned to do the post on trends from the Met Gala, particularly coral lips but I am feeling exhausted today and I want to relax so I will post that later. While in this fit of exhaustion I was trying to decide which other post to write when the Nare Jingle "She wears short shorts, if you dare wear short shorts, Nare for short shorts," started playing in my head. And I knew, I needed to equip you ladies with the knowledge of shorts. Of course it is the season for shorts. Actually, you can wear shorts in fall and winter and I promise as we get closer to those seasons to do a post on that.   Moving forward however, it is spring, almost summer and it is that time to shave, clip, wax, oil and tan those legs in anticipation of the hottest item of every summer season, shorts.   Short, tall, big or small, everybody wants to wear shorts through those warm spring days and hot hot summer months. And I am sure half of you spent months toning your legs for this very occasion. And not to let any opportunity go to waste, I have created four fabulously fun in the sun looks for you on how to wear shorts this summer. Enjoy!!

Dress them up: Tweed Shorts with a blazer 
Tweed Shorts
A Lil' Black Pair
little black pair
chambray shorts
Green Pastures and Summer Flowers
Green Pastures
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