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20 May 2012
Hello L&L,

I have decided to duplicate a post from the site Beyond Black & White where I am the style and fashion editor, so that you may see what I have been up to.

This cute little skirt was sent in by a lady named Rachel from the Beyond Black and White readership, who says that she has had this skirt hanging in her closet for a couple of years but she didn't know how to style it. Poor little skirt, all neglected. But that's ok, super stylist to the rescue **snarks**.

So I decided to take this cute skirt to a whole new level. It can go from playful to classic, from dressy to casual. However, Rachel is feeling that day, this staple piece can be her go to. No to mention the blue color of it is almost like a neutral and it goes with everything.  

Let's Play Dress Up
Look 1 Blue Skirt AAS
Why it Works
Blue and yellow are such a classic color combination and combining this skirt with this yellow gingham men's shirt and white jacket, gives you a new twist on careerwear, with a pop of color. This outfit is perfect for the office because it isn't to gaudy but carries enough color to make you stand out in the right way. Belting it at the waist let's people know you are powerful but you love being a woman. Add some nude heels to offset all of the colors and run out the door. But please for the love a cute puppies don't drive while applying your makeup ;-).

Liberated Cold Front
Liberated Cold Front
Why It Works
You can dress this skirt up for the cooler months. This ensemble channels Chanel with its black tip booties and art deco style accessories. Giving the wearer an artistic flare and being that orange and blue are opposites the colors pop off the canvas --you-- to bring a little sunshine to your closet in the cool dreary winter months. Accessorize your nails with black french manicure with gold tips and you would be ahead of the game.
Sporty Spice
Look 3 Blue Skirt: Sporty Spice
Why It Works
Bring a little sporty spice to your life but in a french sophisticated way. Denim jackets are sooo de rigueur this season and combining this cute little blue skirt with this graphic tee and denim jacket is the perfect solution for a casual day at the museum. Add these cute flats and bag and you just can't go wrong. All eyes will be on you in every room you enter. So make sure you are camera ready by dolling up your nails with this fun and colorful nail varnish by Deborah Lippman and this tangerine---HUGE COLOR--lip teaser by Fashion Fair. Black liner and a bit of a gold liner to pop some color in and you have yourself a youthful but not teeny-bopper ensemble to die for.
Hope this has helped you Rachel and those reading and feel free to send me a snap shot of pieces from your closet to Don't be shy!
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