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A grape thats prepared for the Summer but still holding on to the Winter

17 May 2012
Ciao Bellas,

I know I disappeared but it was for a good cause, I graduated YAY with my Masters recently and had to put my last minute work in, to actually finish. Now I am back with a double review for you today.  Inspired but the the confusing seasons here in NYC I am writing a review on one of my favorite red wines Shiraz aka Syrah.  Here is a little lesson, they are both from the same grape varietal they are named differently traditionally to distinguish from Old World (European) who use Syrah and New World ( Cali, Australia, South America and South Africa) who use Shiraz.  This grape is popular for  growing in warmer climate countries, here is a little more confusion for you, just when you thought the name was enough. This wine is typically priced between $10-15 and a great fun red when especially if you are familiar with which one to request on your menu.

Wine 1:
Producer: SOJO Shiraz
Vintage: 2004
Origin: South Africa
Appearance: Dark Red, Burgundy
Smell: Red berries and Cigar
Taste: Smooth start, Blackberries and dried or ripped berries, Pruns, Low-Med Acid level

Wine 2:
Producer: Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz
Vintage: 2011
Origin: South Africa
Appearance: Pink Velvet, Dark Pink
Smell: Peanuts, Sweet - like candy
Taste: Smooth, Low Acid, light weight, Sweet red berries, and dark chocolate

Yes, the tricky grape Shiraz/Syrah can be pretty with many different foods due to its versatility to the palate. It is works well with both meats that you would enjoy in the Winter as well as with Summer delights. Shiraz/Syrah is a good party-pleaser red wine, enough that red wine lovers as well as non wine drinkers and white wine lovers can enjoy. The dry European version will do will with spicy foods or foods with a hint of sweetness such as Teriyaki or Bar B Q sauce.  The sweet version or more fruitier ones are perfect with a fruit salad for an easy summer  red and can even be enjoyed chilled. Let me know what you all think about this 2 faced grape.
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