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Beauty of the Week: Rachael Sage

16 May 2012

I stumbled upon this fabulous indie pop-rock/folk musician and self taught pianist/producer who has just released her 10th studio album called Haunted by You when her people contacted me about featuring her on L&L. 

And being a lover of music and quirky individualistic style, I couldn't resist checking out her was instant love. Not only is she a talented musician with chic style reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper circa 1983, she also has a resume that include sharing the stage with such notables as Sarah McLachlanJudy CollinsMarc CohnThe Animals and Ani DiFranco*.  

Not to mention she is beautiful. Her striking blue eyes was the first thing to catch my attention and then that lovely smile; I must admit I have a new girl crush.

Her new album Haunted By You is about "Passion." Rachael stated that while writing this album she, "fell in and out of love, broke a few hearts and had her heart broken pretty badly." You can hear that passion in songs like "Invisible Light" and "Abby Would You Wait." This album pretty much touches on the bittersweet joy we all feel when we fall head first in love and then find ourselves broken-hearted over having our heart crush. That feeling of walking a city haunted by the ghosts of loves lost, making it at times difficult to let go.

The other awesome news about Rachael is, she has agreed to do a guest post for L&L and BONUS give you all a free download from her new album Haunted by You. Be on the look out tomorrow for the post but until then, enjoy one of my fave songs by Rachael.

* From Official Website
**From Wikipedia
All Images take from Rachel Sage
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