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Ask a stylist--Toni M's White Poncho

24 May 2012

Ahhh yes,   It is another installation of Ask A Stylist and at the moment I am working on a big'un. But first, I am bringing you this fun post in hopes of helping  Toni M with her
poncho villa dilemma.

Toni sent me this cute Poncho stating, "I have no idea how to style this, help." Of course, being the narcissistic sucker for those in distress, I took on the challenge.

She also sent me these cute flower hair accessories wanting so new and fresh ways to wear them with her wardrobe. So, here are the three outfits I put together with her desires in mind.
Embrace the Rainbow
Ask a Stylist-- White poncho

Why it works
Adding a little color to this chic white poncho is oh so Spring/summer, especially that fun-loving color yellow. Pull all of the colors together with the printed bag and instead of wearing the flower in your hair, wear it as a brooch instead to pull more color to your face. Wear it near the shoulder, so that it looks as if it is holding the poncho together. It will look trés chic and original, not to mention quite quirky because you are doing something not expected.
Go Bohemian
Ask a Stylist: Rosettes
Why It Works
This beautiful drapey dress is begging to be accessorize. Bright colors thrown upon the canvas, untamed and making no apologies for it. Using all--at least most--of the colors from the color palette of the dress, this ensemble shows off your bohemian side. Instead of wearing one flower in your hair, wear both, channeling Billie Holiday and make everyone envious that you have enough vintage style to pull it off. Accessorize with bangles up the arm, a leaf necklace and this blue cocktail ring and you will look like Mother Earth-- a sexy, sensual, colorful mother earth.
Color Block It

Ask a Stylist-- White Poncho and Rosettes
Why It Works

This art-deco inspired ensemble is Parisian I can't take it. Black and white color-blocking is so metropolitan, so Parisian, so NYC jazz age.. Instead of wearing the flower in your hair, wear it at the waist, almost like an embellished belt. It would catch everyone's attention because of its unexpected placement. The white brogues (oxford shoes) are so 'it' this season--being white and a brogue, you just can't go wrong--you'll be able to wear this outfit every season. Had a little color with the bag, nails and lips and accessorize with statement pieces like the leaf necklace and Eiffel Tower ring and everyone will be coming to you for fashion advice.
Toni, I hope that this has helped you and good luck with the poncho. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
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