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Who is LatteChic?

15 February 2011

To learn a little more about my work background--what gives me the authority to write about beauty and fashion-- and where I am, check out my Who's Tanisha? page. To learn more about what this blog is about check out my This Blog page

Now who am I you ask? Well I am Tanisha a freelance makeup artist and student from Houston and I currently live in Italy, Bologna to be exact. I have lived in NYC, China, and outside of Chicago--to name a few places-- and I have visited 9 countries and over 20 cities.  I was active duty Navy for 3 1/2 years--for which I contribute my wanderlust spirit--(don't get me started on that horrible red lipstick and eyebrows).

Me circa 1994

A little more about me:

I am a proud Aries, I rock a 'fro,  my fave colors are red and purple and I like to read Vogue Italia and InStyle Magazines

I am obsessed with winged eyeliner, Ruby Woo, Rebel and Up the Amp lipsticks from Mac.

On rainy days I listen to Jazz music, not smooth jazz or electric jazz, but Ella, Sarah and Billie's Jazz.

On lonely Saturday nights you can catch me watching a Classic Hollywood film. Those women were strong, classy and feminine. They kind of shoot holes in the theory that a woman must act like a man to be taken seriously.

I fell in love with the fashion industry in the late 80s, early 90s because of my grandmother and these ladies.. They knew how to OWN the runway. They were the original runway divas. AND they stuck together. During a time when the fashion industry was not so kind to those of a darker hue, these ladies would not walk the runway or show up for a shoot if their darker skinned counterparts were excluded. That's how you bring down discrimination! ROCK ON!

Being a bit of a pop culture snob on any given day in any given city you may find me at a museum, flipping through b&w photographs, sipping a latte or cappuccino, reading a book on the Renaissance buying a fashion magazine, or learning a new language.

Speaking of fashion, if I were rich I would buy these guys but since I am not, I write sonnets about them, dream about them, obsess over them and secretly covet their talent.

My life is usually quite crazy however when I have the time and money, I like to travel and these wonderful beacons of light are my favorite cities.

In my spare time I have created a tongue-in-cheek t-shirt and accessories line for the fashion, beauty and style obsessed called LipstickMonologues available at the Latte Chic Boutique on Cafepress.

©Lipstick Monologues

If this was not enough information for you--and believe me it has taken me months to write it because I am a wee-bit shy--about talking too much about myself :D--then you can stalk me on Twitter or Facebook. And make sure to check out my Portfolio

Maybe some day I will get around to writing a second faqs sheet. But for now this is all I have for u! 

If you wish to contact me, email me at

shulamit (at) lattesandlipstick (dot) com
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