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Life Can be hard

27 February 2011
At least my life has been most of it. But I am a survivor, a fighter, but even a prized fighter becomes tired at times. Its a struggle at best and my independent spirit is taking a beating--I dislike having to take charity or handouts or being dependent on people's generosity--however down I may be for the count at the moment, don't count me out, I always rise again.

This season  (the last 7 years esp) has been quite tough for me, but I have accomplished a lot as far as character and inner grit, but now I am looking for it to turn around, make way for my passion and talent and I believe that it will. Maybe I am a fool for believing but there it is.

**Thank god for friends who go out of their way to help me out, my biggest issue is learning how to ACCEPT generosity and help. I have always been one to do everything on my own but the other thing this season is teaching me is how to lean on people when necessary.

At the moment I am sitting on my bed, watching Coco Avant Chanel. I admire this woman, she sort of reminds me of me--bit of a bruiser personality--because life handed her a pile of stinking dung and she made it smell sweet and turned it into something timeless and beautiful. Today, Ms. Gabrielle Chanel is my role model and inspiration.

I received the last photos from the test shoot and I am posting them for you. Tonight I have a studio opening of a photographer to go to. I will be working on a project with said photographer tomorrow. To be honest I am very tired from yesterday's shoot and I really do not like socializing, but I know I must in order to find work by making connections and meeting new people.. so I am resting up and raring to go. Enjoy..

Francesca Cumani
Veronica Barone
Blair Rapp
Joanna Ekonomi
MUA: Tanisha Shulamit
Stylist: Veronica Rubini
Art Director: Veronica Rubini
Photographer: Andrea Bernardi

**Added after the post was published

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