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04 February 2011
Ciao Chicklets,

As you may have noticed the web address and site host changed for my wonderful blog but alas I have not. I am still crazy as ever and still living in Italy for the time being.

I promised you guys that I would start a series on what you need to do to come study in Italy etc and I was going to start it this past Tuesday but my life has sped up and this last week has been out of control.

Tonight I have a photo shoot and in the morning I am going to Pistoia to teach a make up workshop to some of my adoring fans ladies that are very interested in the craft :D . Sunday I am going to go hang out with my Bolognese pals, who are doing a photo shoot for a Valentine's Day post on Almalu's blog.  I have also been working on some graphics that I am using  for some T-shirts I have created for you makeup, beauty, fashion pop icon fanatics at Latte Chic Boutique.  **Preview below**

And next week I will be running around to Modeling Agencies in Bologna to share my portfolio and hopefully get some paying work. AND do two more photo shoots.  The following week I will be in Milan and Florence respectively to visit a few modeling agencies in those cities as well as doing some photo shoots. **I am building my portfolio and reputation here--which is like starting all over again even though I have 7 years experience in makeup and fashion**

Its been a bit insane but I am enjoying every minute of it. I say all this to let you know I have not forgotten my promise. I will be working on the posts and putting them up as promised. I am just a week behind.  I will also write a few posts on how to get started as a makeup artist, build your portfolio etc.. So be on the lookout.

Until then, get on over to my Boutique and browse the t-shirts and other paraphernalia  (I am working on more graphics for you to choose from) and check out my mother's Latte Cafe.  I look forward to posting more pics from my photo shoots and courses.

Have a great weekend and do not forget to celebrate World Nutella Day and enter the contest over there for a prize.

Happy shopping, eating and traveling!!
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