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Studying in Italy Step 1--Choosing a University

10 February 2011

Last week I promised you guys that I would start a step by step series on how to study in Italy and give you the advice that I needed but did not have which caused my studying here to be problematic. In fact, if I would have known this information I would not be giving up on school but alas, I made the mistakes so that you won't have to.

In order to apply for school in Italy you must go to the Italian Consulate general associated with your state or city. However, that is the last step. First, I must tell you the first step.

To attain the rules for applying to universities in Italy and seeing a list of curriculums and universities available you must go to the Study In Italy website. There you will also find the step by step process (with a few important observations missing) for applying to your university of choice.

Studying in Italy is a challenge within itself but it is well worth it because of the low costs. Most universities cost about €1400 per year for course work and in most cases you do not have to buy books because the texts are given to you. Considering the cost of studying in America, this is a better alternative for those who want to and are willing to learn Italian and live abroad.

What you must know upfront, however,  is that you are only allowed to apply to one university. Make your choice wisely, because this one choice (and the city of choice) can determine whether or not you are successful.

I will write part two of the process next Tuesday. Below I have written a mini-list of studies and the universities that are known for them.

**If I did not list an area of study you are considering, feel free to ask in the comments or send me a message and I will answer you promptly.**

Italian Studies and Language:

University for Foreigners Perugia 

Università di Bologna

Fashion Design/Merchandising, Visual Arts and Photography:

Polimoda  Firenze

Istituto Europeo di Design Milano

Latin and Classical Studies

Roma Tre

Università di Bologna

Renaissance Studies/Art

Università di Firenze


Università di Bologna

Il Conservatorio Milano

Roma Tre


Università di Bologna


all major universities

International Business/Economics

Università di Parma

Bocconi University

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