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Weekly Muse and Inspiration: Felicia Shelton

16 February 2011
All artists have muses and I being a makeup artist am no exception. There are many things that inspire me as an artist. The lines of a building, the color of the sky at sunset, animals, movies, home decor, whatever the photographer tells me to do, whatever the stylist tells me to do :P and most often other artists.

Meet my muse of the week fellow blogger, expat and photographer Felicia Shelton of This Time Now Blog.

Felicia is an English teacher and soon to be full time photographer from Virginia but currently living in S. Korea. We met almost a year ago through my blog Italian Odyssey. At the time I was writing about my preparation for my move to Italy and all the ups and downs it entailed.

My fellow Aries and I hit it off over our love of our afros, Europe, travel, fashion, and home decor.  At the time she was a burgeoning photographer in her own right but had yet to make the leap to full time no-hold-barred status. Since arriving in Italy, our lives have taken flight and at times she is the kick in the ass that I need when I feel like giving up on my dream. 

Since we have met and hot off the trails of her recent visit to the Maison et Objet International Exhibit in Paris, she has decided to throw herself into her art and heart, which is photographing beautiful objects, interiors and buildings. Below is a transcript of an interview that I did with her. Be inspired by this glamazonian (she is 6' tall) bubbly, optimistic, and force of nature that is Felicia Shelton.

Where are you living now? Presently I live in Seoul, South Korea but will leave in a couple of months. This is my second stint in Korea.

What do you like about where you live and where are some of the chic places to go? What I like the most about Seoul are it's people. The kindness they show me I've never seen before. They are honest, mysterious, determined and KIND. Chic places? Apgu-jeong, Chungdam-dom, Hongdae, Bouam-dong, to name a few. They have amazing cafes, restaurants and speciality boutiques.

What do you do? I'm a  photographer and I also teach Business English. I'm a traveler and I love life.

What do you like to photograph and what would be your dream photography job? At the moment I love to photograph beautiful spaces, interesting spaces. My dream photography job? Any photoshoot where I'm working under my own company would be a dream photo shoot/project.

What is your dream publication and/or fashion house to work for etc? I would love to open up Interview magazine and see a shoot of mine. I really don't read magazines anymore, but Interview remains very special in terms of photography and content.  Fashion House? I wouldn't want to work FOR a fashion house, I prefer to work with people, companies. I'd like to be in the same room as Dries van Noten, amazing designer.

What publications have you been in? I've been in Harper's Bazaar, Travel and Leisure, Korea Herald and Seoul Magazine so far. My work is also featured in the incredible design book by world renown designer, Tom Dixon ( The book is called The Interior World of Tom Dixon.

Where else have you travelled and what are your travel plans for the future? I've been all over western Europe, and now I can add Korea and Thailand to my exploration of Asia. I plan to go back to Paris this summer. I lived there for five years, it' really where I feel at home. Lots of friends to see, bon ambience. I will go to Italy this summer as well and of course back to the States to see my family and my beloved beach!

What are your future plans in general? Well, you know what they say about plans...I plan to continue on my path of living my life as creatively and truthfully as possible. This year will be the year where I branch out on my own, starting my own business. I set goals, I really don't plan anything. I like to be surprised.

© All rights reserved Felicia Shelton

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Now go be inspired!

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