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Studying in Italy--Applying for Scholarships

22 February 2011

Many people in Italy are under the impression that ALL Americans are rich, at least that is what was told to me when I asked if I could apply for a scholarship. Utterly ridiculous I know but unfortunately our countrymen that visit have done nothing to dispel that myth.

So that you do not make the mistake that I made here are the necessary things that you would need to have done AND to bring with you in order to apply for a scholarship. You cannot apply for any scholarships until you are accepted into a program and arrive safely at the University of choice.

1. You must gather your last three tax returns (3 years) for yourself or if you are a dependent your parents.

2. You must have them notarized and translated

3. You must have at least made €7400 and no more than €14,000 per year to qualify if you are independent.

4. You must write a letter stating your financial situation and what you have made in the last three years and have in translated into Italian and notarized.

5. All these things must then have an Apostille stamped to them.

In bocca al lupo!
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